Anthropic Principle

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by pluther (647209) <> on Wednesday March 18, @04:11PM (#27246729)

Very few have ever thought seriously about the question, and most are more than content to ignore the issue, or maintain a blind faith in some system of parallel universes for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

No. You may have been told by those in authority in your church group that atheists have never thought about the issue, but that is not the truth.

What you describe is the Anthropic Principle, and far from never being seriously thought about, it’s been debated to death all over the internet.

Aside from the extreme fallacy of claiming that if an atheist can’t explain how something happened, it must have been a specific god, it can also be pointed out that the universe is not precisely tuned for human life. In fact, in all of it we know about, with the exception of one tiny portion of one tiny planet, we can’t even breathe. And even on that part there are places where it’s so hot and humid you’ll die within hours, so cold you’ll die within minutes, wind so strong it’ll kill you, ground that shakes, falls, burns, fills suddenly with water, or just collapses under you unexpectedly. And that’s not to mention all the other life forms, from large predators to tiny micro-organisms, that kill millions of us every year.

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