If MLK had Asperger’s Syndrom

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Re:This article makes it sound as if AS was bad (Score:4, Insightful)

by try_anything (880404) on Thursday April 02, @05:11PM (#27436607)

As someone who manifested many Asperger’s symptoms as a child, I remember thinking all the time, “It would be obviously better if everyone did X, but they don’t, because they’re stupid.” And you know what? None of my insights did anybody a damn bit of good. Aspies are great at pushing forward some fields (such as computing,) but they fail badly at fields that require influencing other people. RMS is only a partial exception to this.

One example: Aspies are more ethically daring basically because they don’t recognize a lot of the small-scale pain they cause. It’s easy for them to see the social big picture because they don’t see the social small picture. They don’t hesitate to call for large changes because they don’t understand the cost of the social and cultural disruption that large changes cause, or they dismiss them as irrelevant. Calling for change doesn’t make it happen. You need people who can make changes happen by hacking the culture. For instance, Ghandi came up with a theory of nonviolent resistance that meshed perfectly with Hindu culture, while at the same time making it open to all Indians. Then Martin Luther King, Jr. adapted ideas from Ghandi and elsewhere to a completely different cultural context.

An Aspie in MLK’s place would have said, “Look, these Indian guys totally kicked ass with this approach, and I know we’re black and Christian but we just need to forget about that because this stuff FUCKING WORKS. I mean, this is so OBVIOUS and I can’t believe you guys are getting hung up on the fact that these ideas seem a little alien. They make perfect sense in a Hindu context, and if you’re interested in that I can recommend some scriptures. If you’re not going to bother understanding it, then just SHUT THE HELL UP and let the smart people talk. What the hell is wrong with you fucking dickhead morons? I give up. I can’t make it any more obvious than I already have. Why don’t you just go and play basketball and be cool and have sex and all that stuff that’s so much more important than the FREEDOM OF OUR RACE. Idiots.”

Aspie-type people make valuable contributions to society (and I have to believe this or I’d just off myself) but Aspies are impotent in the face of many important problems. Sometimes the right guy for the job is someone who is really unattractive from a geeky point of view — like a slick, charismatic, self-aggrandizing, womanizing minister.

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