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Re:Atheists, Come Out! (Score:5, Interesting)

by Reality Master 101 (179095) <> on Tuesday April 08, @09:22AM (#22999326)

People talk about Christianity like it’s the Nazi party, like it’s this horrible machine that people are indoctrinated into.

I don’t mean this to me inflammatory — I really don’t — but a LOT of Christianity really is like the Nazi party. Not to say they’re putting atheists into ovens, but the hatred of atheists in mainstream Christianity is unbelievable. I would guess you live in one of the more enlightened parts of the country.

I was reading this story [] recently, and it was absolutely shocking. These are mainstream citizens, not some wacko cult. And it really isn’t all that unusual. Google for “atheist persecution” sometime.

Your response will probably be that these aren’t “real” Christians, but I maintain you can’t separate the two. Polls show that your tolerance is by far in the minority of Christians. Mainstream Christianity has a burning hatred of atheists. I really believe that if a Hitler arose in the United States and called for the rounding up and extermination of atheists, there would be way more support for the policy than you’re willing to admit.

Most atheists are perfectly willing to “live and let live”, but the majority of Christians aren’t. It’s not just annoying proselytizing, it’s out and out persecution. I could give you long lists of links of examples, but I have a feeling you’re not ready to accept how out of control fundamentalism has gotten in the United States.

On a personal note, I don’t admit to being an atheist in Real Life anymore. It’s just not worth the hassle. It’s easier just to say I believe in God without any details, and just define God as, “that natural process that created the universe.” I’m pretty sure my in-laws would probably be horrified, though I doubt they would out-and-out disown the family.

Re:Dawkins may may a renowned evolutionary biologist (Score:5, Insightful)

by Alsee (515537) on Tuesday April 08, @03:03AM (#22997434)

I never really understood atheism anyway. They mock theists for their faith, but there’s certainly no way to prove that there’s not a god

July, 1998
A juror in Judge Esmond Faulks’ court in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, eagerly asked the judge for the defendant’s date of birth so he could draw up a star chart to help him decide the case. He was removed.

There ya go. Presuming that you agree it was *appropriate* to forcibly eject that juror, presuming you consider that juror mockable and perhaps even a dangerous loony-toon, now you completely understand atheism.

To elaborate, probably half the other people on the jury read their horoscopes during lunch. Silly, irrational, but Mostly Harmless entertainment value so long as they don’t take it seriously and start fucking over other people based upon their faith in magical messages from the sky.

Re:Dawkins may may a renowned evolutionary biologist (Score:3, Insightful)

by professionalfurryele (877225) on Tuesday April 08, @04:30AM (#22997842)

Atheism as you present it is a straw man. No one is saying that there definitely is no incredibly abstract god whose only properties are that it exists and that in some way this god causes the universe to exist.

However most theistic individuals don’t believe in that kind of god. They believe in a god who impregnates virgins, who brings people back from the dead, who has a chosen people die by the millions in camps, who has something against people who eat pigs, who hates women, whose retirement plan for suicidal mass murderers is a bed full of maidens.

Weak atheists are people who say there probably is not a god. Strong atheists say there is no god. Most atheists lie somewhere on this spectrum. You are picking the most extreme version of atheism, the kind not even Dawkins subsribes to, and are using that as a straw man.

However, I can say with a considerable degree of certainty the Christian God does not exist. Nor does the Jewish God. Nor do any of the Hindu Gods. I can say this in the same way I can say with a considerable degree of certainty that werewolves and unicorns do not exist.

Only insane atheists who I would denounce as logically flawed claim with absolute certainty there is no god. However the Gods of the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus and the Zoroastrians are just as absurd as Zeus ever was, and I have considerable confidence in saying they do not exist.

What is more, most theists agree with the last assertion, assuming you drop their specific god from the list. We are all atheists, it is just that some of us are atheists about more gods than others.

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