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by ghostdoc (1235612) on Friday February 26, @12:26AM (#31281768)

When I get involved in these arguments, I like to point out that in fact the vast majority of child abuse in this country has been carried out by members of the clergy, particularly the Catholic church, and that statistically the most effective way of reducing child abuse in this country would be to close all church-run orphanages and missions.

This would eliminate something like 99% of all child abuse, and wouldn’t affect the everyday lives of anyone else. While implementing the Conroy Filter will create a burden on the rest of the country but will not stop a single child being abused.

Needless to say, this doesn’t go over particularly well.

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by Jah-Wren Ryel (80510) on Friday February 26, @01:03AM (#31281938)

Dunno if it made the news down there, but well over a decade ago Sinead O’Connor tore up a picture of the pope on live television in the USA and said “Fight the real enemy” as she did it. She was hugely censured for it and although it did not kill her career as a musician it probably forever kept her off the pop charts here.

The thing about her protest that most people didn’t even realize, was that she had just finished singing a version of the classic reggae song “War” in which the lyrics were repurposed to be about stopping child abuse. Her message was drowned out by all the media outrage – for a few weeks we learned that everybody in America was catholic, but nothing else really came out of the incident.

A decade later and the news media finally pick up on the abuses perpetrated by the catholic church – even the ‘discovery’ of an official super-duper-secret document detailing how to deny any molestation accusations and denigrate the accusers written by the guy who is now pope from back in the 70s – but not one of those people who took O’Connor to task for telling people the truth back then has come forward to apologize and say, “Sorry, guess you were right and we should have listened to you.”

So yeah, it doesn’t go over very well when you tell them and they sure aren’t willing to give you credit when they can no longer avoid the facts either.

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