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we get older, but the girls get younger! (Score:4, Insightful)
by SpecialAgentXXX (623692) on Tuesday September 06, @01:01AM (#13487478)

Wow, every fall I head back to my alma mater to check out, er, meet & greet the incoming freshman girls (college, your pervs). Man, they just keep getting younger and younger! I think I should apply to be a T.A. I’m sure when I was an undergrad, the T.A.’s got lots of T&A for A’s.

Re:we get older, but the girls get younger! (Score:5, Funny)
by hampton (209113) on Tuesday September 06, @03:31AM (#13487968)

Make sure you choose the correct department. I’m a T.A. in the CS dept. (Assembly Language is my course). My students don’t have T’s…

Look harder… a lot of them do. Unfortunately they’re Man T’s.

School = lust! (Score:5, Interesting)
by Phantasmo (586700) on Tuesday September 06, @12:31PM (#13490633)

In my first year of college they had to switch the rooms around a bit (scheduling conflicts or some such). Anyway, there was no advance notice so basically if you couldn’t find your class you had to go print a new timetable to get the location.
Anyway, I head down to where my programming class should be, open the door and discover a room full of gorgeous 20-year-old ladies. “Sweet Jesus,” I said to myself, “this is the best programming class of all time.”
Apparently we’d swapped rooms with an Early Childhood Education class. Oh well. :)

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