You do not need 1 MB of backup space for every 1 MB of storage

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I like my layered approach.. (Score:5, Informative)

by Anrego (830717) * on Sunday July 19, @03:44PM (#28749487)

I decided that I have three main “categories of data”:

– easily replaceable: This is stuff that is fairly easy to replace.. for instance I have ripped a huge portion of my DVD collection (for my own use). If I lost this data, it would not be a tragedy .. just a pain in the ass.
– hard to replace: This is stuff that does exist “out there”.. but would not be easy to replace. This includes old TV shows that you can’t buy or if you can are very hard to find.
– irreplaceable: Self explanatory.. this is my documents, code, photos, etc that could not be replaced if lost

I keep everything besides OS files on a file server. Raid 6 (two parity stripes).. this is the first layer..
to me this is adequate to protect “easily replaceable” stuff (which in my case constitutes a huge chunk of file space).

I backup everything in the “hard to replace” and “irreplaceable” categories to a seperate (removable but stays in the system) hard disk (so far 1TB has been enough to hold all this data). I make a secondary backup to a second removable drive and store this “off site”. This secondary backup does not get updated very often.. which is the trade off I guess… but it provides a “last hope” if something crazy ever happened.. like my house burning down.

Oh.. and backups are encrypted!

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