Beasts of Bourbon @ Hi-Fi Bar

The Beasts of Bourbon (best band name ever) did two shows in Melbourne and Sydney to promote their new live album “Low Life” before heading over to Spain. I was lucky enough (and for once this expression is meaningful, rather than being padding) to see their Melbourne show at the Hi-Fi Bar with Bird Blobs (worst band name ever) and SixFootHick (their web-searchabililty is forever doomed; is it SixFootHick? SixFtHick? 6FootHick? “Six Foot Hick”? “Six Ft Hick”? or “6 Foot Hick”?) .

It was a slightly older crowd at the Hi-Fi bar…as you would probably expect for a band that found most of its popularity in the late eighties, and there were a couple of almost-famous faces in the audience (is Jimmy Barnes stalking me?).

Bird Blobs played first. I’ve seen them play twice now and I don’t think I am any closer to understanding what they are trying to do. They were hard to listen to. The small number of people who had arrived early enough to see the first band seemed to agree with me, standing well back from the stage with their arms crossed.

The venue had filled up all the way to the stage by the time SixFootHick arrived. Generally “they’re great live” is a secret code that means “their music isn’t very good, but they jump around a lot on stage”. Fortunately this doesn’t apply to SixFootHick; the Corbet brothers might put on an…uh…energetic live performance, but the songs were great too.

The Beasts of Bourbon delivered everything you would expect of an all-star band. I’m not really old enough to remember what songs were popular when they were originally released, but they played most of my favourites (except for Psycho), with crowd highlights being Chase the Dragon Let’s Get Funky and Hard for You. Getting the chance to see a great band that I thought had gone forever was kind of like being able to see The Stooges or the Sex Pistols play (except better because the members weren’t old and fat).

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3 Responses to “Beasts of Bourbon @ Hi-Fi Bar”

  1. Stu Says:

    Drummer Tony Pola filled in for the smoke machine that night. He lit up on the second song, and puffed away until the encore. Very rock and roll. :)

  2. libby Says:


  3. Stu Says:

    Let’s see what Google says…

    6FootHick – 9 results
    6 Ft Hick – 197 results
    6 Foot Hick – 96 results
    SixFootHick – 88 results
    Six Foot Hick – 254 results
    SixFtHick – 820 results
    Six Ft Hick – 516 results

    It looks like I am not the only one who is a/ confused and b/ too lazy to check the CDs in my collection.