BMI as a measurement for health

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Re:And on the plus side. of plus-size.. (Score:5, Insightful)

by dave1791 (315728) on Saturday May 17, @11:56PM (#23450318)

BMI is a silly measurement for health. A few years ago, I ran a marathon at a BMI of 24. That is just shy of being classified as overweight. At the time, you would have been hard pressed to find excess fat on me. I’m one of those “heavily muscled” people that fall under the disclaimer that BMI does not work for eveyone.

On the flip side, BMI IS an excellent predicter of marathon times. (and I’ve never been anything other than a ploddingly slow runner).

Re:And on the plus side. of plus-size.. (Score:4, Informative)

by IkeTo (27776) on Sunday May 18, @05:02AM (#23451516)

BMI is not a good predictor of individual health. There are too many reasons why an individual can have high BMI but healthy, or low BMI but not healthy. But since the probability of those, though many, reasons are not high, the average of it over a population is a good predictor of collective health. You might be yourselves an athletics that makes good reason for your own high BMI. If 70% of your whole population has that, it is not very likely that all of them have the same good excuse. Much more likely they are high BMI because they eat too much energy and expend too little.

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by spineboy (22918) on Saturday May 17, @10:04PM (#23449740)

It really depends on just how many calories go in vs how many are expended. New England Journal of Medicine had a study about 15 years ago, looking at exercise and eating habits of thin, and obese people. Obese people tended to underestimate the amount of food they ate by 50% !!, and overestimated the amount of exercise by 2x. Thin people had about the opposite experience.
  Low fat food may be more of a culprit, since many of the stomach and intestinal hormones (CCK, somatostatin, GIP) are triggered/released by fat, which then produce the “full” sensation. Look at the French – tons of fatty food, and they are skinny with much less heart disease. Yeah – they eat less (feeling full?) and walk more. Portion sizes in America are ridiculous.

There’s nothing magic about food – if you eat too much, it gets converted to fat. And please, no vegan rants – England looked at a random sampling of 1000 people who reached the age of 100, and only 4 were vegetarians, all the rest ate meat routinely. It’s not eating meat that can cause heart disease, but the lack of fruits and veggies. Yes I agree Americans could stand to eat less meat, but mostly just need to eat less.

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