Bonobo Prostitution

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Bonobo prostitution (Score:5, Interesting)
by dargaud (518470) <slashdot@g[ ] [‘dar’ in gap]> on Friday April 20, @04:09AM (#18809397)

I remember watching this video about the sexual life of Bonobo apes (cousins of chimpanzee with a social life very similar to humans in many respects, in particular sex). One funny part was a young male coming to a female resting on a branch with a banana. The males makes it very clear what he wants in exchange, they do the deed and the the female eats the banana after he leaves. The funny part is that in the commentary they explain that this specific female never goes looking for food…

Re:Bonobo prostitution (Score:5, Funny)
by PateraSilk (668445) <tedol.isostandardstudio@com> on Friday April 20, @08:56AM (#18810521)

An even funnier clip I saw had the male bonobo minding his own business, eating a bunch of bananas. A female comes over to him, rolls over and spreads her legs. You could clearly see the male thinking, “Uh, okay, sure!” He drops the bananas, is all ready to get it on, and the female gets up and steals the bananas. The male is left with no bananas and a raging hard-on.

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