Branch Davidian siege

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by Obfuscant (592200) on Monday March 16, @08:25PM (#27219535)

You know, I’m pretty sure if those wacky religious leaders weren’t breaking the law, they’d be left alone.

You know, the Branch Davidians had a large number of weapons, all LEGAL, and were involved in firearms sales WITH A FEDERAL FIREARMS DEALER PERMIT. The Sheriff knew Koresh personally, and was positive that if ATF had simply asked him to meet with them, he would have shown up. As it was, Koresh was talking to the ATF agents, unarmed, in front of his building when ATF let loose and Koresh was injured.

So don’t go blaming the ATF for the suicidal things nutballs do when the cops come to say no you can’t have dozens of 12 year old “wives”.

ATF has nothing to do with “12 year old wives”. They are Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Their search warrant had nothing to do with “12 year old wives”, it was based on an allegation already dealt with by the local sheriff that someone had heard “automatic gunfire” coming from the compound. The Sheriff had investigated and determined that nothing illegal was involved. The ATF didn’t tell the court this when they got their warrant. In other words, ATF lied.

Yes, I think it is quite reasonable to blame ATF for shooting someone who is unarmed and standing on their front porch talking to them. It is also reasonable to blame ATF for trying to entrap someone into building them a cut-off shotgun, and to then shoot that person’s wife for no cause. (Ruby Ridge)

Because if you think we should just let people willing to kill themselves be a law unto themselves,

If you call following federal regulations regarding gun ownership and sales to be “a law unto themselves” because you don’t like someone, pretty soon we’ll have a society run by your wants and fears instead of the one run by rule of law. I’d say that you were “a law unto yourself” in that case. I know which one I prefer.

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