Bush’s lies vs. Clinton’s lies

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by Protonk (599901) on Thursday February 14, @10:15PM (#22430176)

That’s because that wasn’t part of an attempt to undermine our system of government. I don’t care WHO you are, there hasn’t been a president like GWB in office for at least 100 years. They have literally wrecked the place. I’m not talking about NCLB, Iraq, or whatever. That’s all normal stuff. That’s the kind of stuff that most of the presidents we remember would have done. Kennedy/Johnson got us into Vietnam. Roosevelt packed the supreme court. Hoover precipitated the great depression. Wilson effectively re-segregated the federal government. Etc. That kind of stuff is easy to recover from.

They just smashed the joint up. They fired or forced to resign what amounts to hundreds to thousands of person-years of experience in government. They politicized every office they could get their hands on. they enriched cronies in brazen fashion. They used a national fucking tragedy to secure political control of congress. They pushed a TRIPLE FUCKING AMPUTEE who was a Vietnam veteran out of office because he had the temerity to stand up to their bullshit. They completed the circle of lobbyist control in congress started by Tom Delay. they made supine the court system and the legislature, and now they stand to do it again.

Getting dome in the white house doesn’t begin to compare. We will go decades and not be able to access the wreckage honestly.

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by Protonk (599901) on Thursday February 14, @11:30PM (#22430596)

No, it doesn’t. I’ve never seen anything so patently absurd in my whole life, and I’ve seen a lot of absurd things. To accuse the democratic congress of organizing a witch hunt is preposterous. Show me the witch hunt. Show me the weeks of dogged congressional action. Show me the impeachment proceedings. Show me the honest, hard-working Americans forced into jail because of the partisan hackery of the democrats, I defy you.

There isn’t a witch hunt. The fact that the democrats are willing to exercise a modicum of oversight should come as a slight relief, not rejected. Think about it:

This is what Clinton did:

Lied about getting dome in the white house while under oath. Suggested that his mistress lie under oath in order to protect him.

This is what bush did:

Used political operatives in the white house and the justice department to prosecute democrats during election seasons. Fired uncooperative prosecutors.

Used 9/11 to illegally wiretap large volumes of conversations over telephone and email. Didn’t even use a secret court designed for such surveillance SIMPLY TO DECLARE THAT THE WHITE HOUSE WAS BEYOND THE REACH OF THAT COURT. Lied about it even after it was discovered by the New York times 4 years later.

Deliberately moved a detention facility outside of US court jurisdiction in order to prevent detainees from getting basic human rights afforded to them. Violated the Geneva conventions. authorized and lied about torture.

Replaced government professionals with political operatives and like minded conservatives. Used appointed officials to stifle press releases AND to eliminate oversight, resulting in (likely) the mine collapse disasters and the mismanagement of Katrina.

The list could go on. Those aren’t partisan accusations. They aren’t crazy conspiracies. They aren’t unsubstantiated attacks. they are fucking facts, confirmed by former White House officials, members of congress, informants, or statements of the presidents advisors while still in office. I didn’t even include most of John Woo and David Addington’s rape of our constitution or the iraq war. How has the partisan, liberal, democratic congress responded to these blatant examples of misconduct? About as meekly as a church mouse.

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