Butterfingers @ The Espy

Butterfingers - Breakfast at Fatboys poster A free show in the Espy front bar on a Wednesday night doesn’t generally place a band too high in the “my band is bigger than your band” pecking order, but different rules must apply a couple of days before New Years Eve. ARIA nominees and JJJ darlings Butterfingers were in Melbourne all the way from Brisbane. This was an Event…at least according to the teenage girls eyeing off the Butterfingers posters, and no doubt wondering if they would get in trouble if they liberated one from the wall.

Playing first were Eftposse, memorable only for having a name they will come to regret, and playing a Doors cover. The members were obviously musically talented but the music was not suited to a noisy pub venue. They got a big thumbs down from me.

De Jah Groove were basically a reggae party band. All their songs seemed to be about drinking beer in the sun. I’m not sure what they do for the other 10 months of the year when Melbourne isn’t warm and sunny. De Jah Groove managed to get the crowd moving, and I am sure that their songs inspired people to keep the bar staff busy.

Butterfingers played a tight and professional show, covering all the songs from the current album, a song from a previous EP and two new songs. Crowd favourites were (predictably) Everytime, Yo Mama, and I Love Work.

Even though all four members were playing live instruments, most of the songs were played the same way they sound on the album as so many of the songs rely on samples and effects from a backing track. This is a good thing in my book. The first time I see a band I like to hear exactly what I expect. They can save the “I’m sick of playing this song every night” polka version of their hit song for the next time I see them play.

I would definitely see this band play live again, and I’m curious to see how their next single sounds on the radio…oh, and I think my girlfriend is a Butterfingers fan now.

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