Craigslist is simple; that’s why it’s popular

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Good Game, “old media”, it was mediocre… (Score:5, Insightful)

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (1223518) on Monday April 06, @05:00PM (#27481131)

While it lasted.

Seriously, though, Craigslist now seems to be an unstoppable testament to the power of network effects and general benevolence. The site feels like it was dragged out of 1993, stripped of all the animated .gif flaming skulls and starfield backgrounds, and dumped on the present. However, it is fast, even on devices without the chops for horrible flash and javascript monsters, unobtrusive, no in-your-face ads, and if it exists, you can find it.

I’m not at all surprised that it has terminated the traditional classifieds, since they all sucked; but I am mildly surprised that that it seems to be crushing its online competitors so absolutely. I would have expected at least a few me-too outfits with gmail-styled “Web 2.0” interfaces to be doing OK somewhere. Network effects, I suppose. Like ebay; but without the evil.

Re:Good Game, “old media”, it was mediocre… (Score:5, Insightful)

by JCSoRocks (1142053) on Monday April 06, @05:29PM (#27481509)

Seriously. Very few sites are as easy to navigate as Craigslist. They don’t force unnecessary pagination for increased ad views. They don’t base their entire layout around cramming ads into the middle of content that you’re trying to read. The search is helpful and effective. The community around flagging / cleaning up garbage posts is pretty good. It’s a tough site to beat. I hope they never jump on the idiotic web 2.0 bandwagon.

Re:Good Game, “old media”, it was mediocre… (Score:5, Insightful)

by eltonito (910528) on Monday April 06, @05:20PM (#27481385)

I recently overheard a web developer raving about this new online classifieds website he was launching in a few months. From what I could tell, it was solely focused on competing with Cragislist and they were going to achieve this by having very slick, graphical interface and unlimited sub-categorization. They were spending big money on this website and it was going to show!

Right then and there I knew their website, whatever it was called, was doomed to fail because they had missed the point. People neither need nor want a graphically slick, over-produced, banner-ad infested place to trade their toaster for a case of panty hose.

To boil your post (and maybe mine) down to a Han Solo quote “She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”

Craigslist has a HUGE amount of scams. (Score:5, Informative)

by Samschnooks (1415697) on Monday April 06, @05:26PM (#27481477)

Top scams I’ve had to deal with on Craigslist:

  1. Bogus job postings to get personal info for identity theft (This is also happening on Monster, CareerBulder, etc…)
  2. The overpaying for items and asking for balance to be sent back via Western Union
  3. Bogus checks
  4. Folks overseas saying they have homes for rent.

The old Western Union trick:

You’re selling an item for $1,000. Someone wanting to buy it sends you $2,000. They say “Oops!” could you send me the balance back to me via Western Union and I’ll pick up the item later. You do so. Their original $2,000 check bounces and they have your $1,000. You’re out $3,000 and YOU OWE IT, baby!

The scam works many ways but it usually involves you sending a Western Union money gram or some other method where, once you send the money, it’s gone. The renting overseas homes works similar to this.

Jobs. Do not give personal information, DOB or SSN, until you’ve met them and you have verified they are actually an employer.

Some employers, such as governments, insist on a SSN so they run you through Choicepoint, the credit bureaus and other Big Brother corporate entities before they will consider you for employment. I only get those forms when I’m on the interview. I wouldn’t give the information to them unless you get an interview.

You need to be very careful on Craigslist.

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