Doctors are skilled tradesmen

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by Dun Malg (230075) on Friday January 02, @11:27PM (#26308865)

Word to the wise, if your girlfriend or wife is a nurse and you claim that your engineering degree was harder then their nursing degree because they never took calculus, be prepared to spend the night on the couch. Just a tip.

Still, my $TYPE engineering degree makes me more then qualified to do any profession. Why, with a few books from the library and maybe a couple Google searches I could probably give your friend that kidney transplant they need. How hard could it be anyway, those overpaid doctors never had to work with Laplace transforms!

Well, there is something to what you say. Having worked both in an engineering capacity and as a skilled tradesman, I’ve noticed that there is a distinct difference between between the two. Doctors and nurses are skilled tradespeople, like highly trained auto mechanics. No one is ever going to ask a doctor to design a better human being, any more than anyone is going to ask an auto mechanic to design a better car. This is not to say that it’s easy to be able to instantly recognize the symptoms of disease (x), or the bad interaction of drugs (y) and (z); just that it’s not a particularly creative field of endeavor. Engineering and the hard sciences (including programming) are less about being able to instantly reference huge volumes of memorized information, and more about taking a small amount of basic knowledge and putting it together in new ways.

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by Rakarra (112805) on Friday January 02, @11:03PM (#26308685)

The majority of people could be above-average drivers is the bad drivers are -so- bad that they throw off the average.

Frustration? (Score:5, Insightful)

by geek (5680) on Friday January 02, @06:52PM (#26306287)

I used to get frustrated a lot. That was before I grew up and realized not everyone follows the same life path I do.

Dumb questions do exist. I laugh when people say “there are no dumb questions” and I laugh even harder when people say “the only dumb question is the one not asked.” In all honesty, both are wrong but I have learned that the only dumb question is the one asked repeatedly. If I have to explain something to someone twice, i figure “ok they just forgot, happens to me too.” But if I have to tell someone, or explain something to someone over and over and over, then it’s a dumb question asked by a dumb person. However, with that said, feeling frustrated doesn’t help. Just walk away, don’t help them, don’t explain. Tell them to figure it out and stop wasting your time. If this is on the job, tell their manager and get them replaced for incompetence.

It isn’t worth getting frustrated and angry. Your emotions are your responsibility. A wise man once told me, “10% of life is what happens to you, the other 90% is how you deal with it.”

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