Domain names are not important anymore

From Slashdot | New ICANN TLDs May Cause Internet Land Rush

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by hansamurai (907719) <> on Wednesday April 08, @02:50PM (#27507307)
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The age of the domain name is over in my opinion. People find information by going through search engines, I would guess a very small population still types when surfing. They would have learned their lesson a long time ago that that’s not a smart idea.

Just get a domain name that’s slightly relevant to your topic or service, and you’re fine. Google magic will do the rest.

Epic Security Problem in My Opinion (Score:5, Insightful)

by eldavojohn (898314) * <my/> on Wednesday April 08, @02:44PM (#27507195)
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Tourists might find information about the Liberty Bell, for example, at a site ending in .philly.

Or maybe .pa or maybe even .penn or maybe even .hist or maybe even .bells or maybe even .revwar? Or maybe tourists will have to check all of those since they’re all valid categories? And maybe the site will have to register in all of those categories?

A rapper might apply for a Web address ending in .hiphop.

Or maybe .music or maybe .ryhme or maybe .lyric or maybe .album or maybe .songs or maybe .r for “Rapper” or maybe .rap? Or maybe I want to target fans of said rapper and register his name dot whatever on one of those and post it all over message boards. On the site would be a link saying “click here for the latest album free!” where they enter their address and name? Then I Google bomb said rappers name on forums and boards with my site so that it shows up as number one in Google. If I get sued for it, just give it up and dream up another TLD that could dupe a fan. Let’s not even get started on my vast collection of,,, etc.

I’m just going to throw out the idea that TLDs were never intended to be a complete ontology of all things. And you’re making a whole lot of problems (security and logistical) for people so that you can make clever domain names. Is this really necessary?

The article makes them sound ridiculously expensive … what exactly is the point of this again? An ICANN get rich quick scam?

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by Endo13 (1000782) on Wednesday April 08, @02:52PM (#27507371)

Exactly. Wasn’t the whole point of DNS to make websites easier to find? With this change, it might just be easier to remember the ip address.

Welcome to the age (Score:5, Informative)

by Daimanta (1140543) on Wednesday April 08, @02:46PM (#27507237)

…of horrible urls. How will people still be able to understand URLs if the are horribly malformed? Soon, people will not be able to distinguish between a TLD and a domain and people will fall to cleverly constructed scams.

Also, no domain is safe. Everybody can now claim google.philly or and companies can do nothing about it(or start countless lawsuits). This is a bad idea and implementing this will cause the www to be more confusing than it is now.

Rule of thumb: (Score:5, Insightful)

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (1223518) on Wednesday April 08, @03:01PM (#27507511)

Anybody who says “It could translate into one of the largest marketing and branding opportunities in history.” as though it is a good thing needs to have their face introduced to the cluebat. Followed by the truthbat and the justicebat. Then the cluebat again, just to be safe.

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