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Re:Joomla/Mambo yes? (Score:5, Informative)

by -noefordeg- (697342) on Wednesday April 30, @05:40PM (#23256758)

Well, Drupal -IS- a framework, and to this date by far the best framework I have worked with.
I’m guessing here that you have never looked at Drupal and the way it is built? Your last sentence give you away. “Hacking” Drupal is something which is very very very rarely needed. After 50 Drupal sites we still have not had the need to to “hack Drupal” – sites which some you really could not tell were running Drupal, others are large e-commerce sites and some just plain CMSs.

The GP here sounds clueless. If you want to meet deadlines, use something like Drupal.
I’ve coded frameworks and CMS/E-commerce systems from scratch. I’ve used Mambo, WordPress and some frameworks. Been into OsCommerce, which was my worst experience with any system – hands down.
The company I’m a part of run ~20 onlines stores (from some very large to rather small) and about 70 other CMS/company sites (some large). And right now we are porting everything to Drupal / UberCart – www.ubercart.org (best commerce extension for Drupal).
Just hearing someone mention “coding my own system” makes me shudder. Either they are totally clueless or fresh out of school. There is no other excuse. Really!

There is absolutely no way one person or a small company can compete with a system like Drupal. You simply don’t have enough time and resources to code something with as many bells and whistles, supporting new standards, and with such an API ad Drupal has. The API is to die for. The modules, and here we ARE talking about real stand alone – easy to install – no messing up other code/core – modules, are just “kick ass”. Just look at the available modules for Drupal.

Axed this from BuisnessWeek:
“(Drupal) which is used by Sony BMG Music, Warner Music Group (WMG), Forbes, The Onion, Harvard University, Time Warner’s (TWX) AOL, Amnesty International, and more than 250,000 other companies to manage their Web sites.”

A lot of government and educational sites in my country are being “upgraded” to Drupal.

For anyone wanting to have a look at the technical aspects of Drupal: http://api.drupal.org/ [drupal.org].

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