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by jamie (78724) * <> on Saturday March 28, @01:33PM (#27370953)
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Oh look. Another non-climate-scientist who thinks nearly all of the climate scientists are wrong about the climate.

Non-experts who disagree with experts are a dime a dozen in any field, but for some reason, global warming seems to be the only field where they make headlines. Wonder why that is.

The sports writer [] who for some reason was tasked with writing this science article let Dyson get away with a couple of groaners. One was his comment:

The warming, he says, is not global but local, “making cold places warmer rather than making hot places hotter.”

Climate scientists will be the first to tell you that global warming affects the poles disproportionately. That doesn’t make it “local” — and the fact that those words are not in quotes suggests to me that Dyson never said it. Dyson seems well aware that the climate is, in fact, warming.

Dyson’s wrong to repeat the “global cooling” myth [], and in his Salon interview [] a couple of years ago, he was wrong to assert that polar bear populations are increasing. But then, he didn’t almost win the Nobel Prize for Polar Bears. He’s undoubtedly a genius when it comes to physics, but why does the media love to find global-warming contrarians who are not experts on global warming? There’s a question I’d like to see explored.

Re:Repent now, the end is near (Score:5, Insightful)

by orzetto (545509) on Saturday March 28, @02:21PM (#27371533)

First off, no one has ever said that “global warming will mark the world’s end”. Its consequences are claimed to be very expensive to handle, involve lots of suffering, massive displacements of populations and annexed refugee problems (see recent Bangladesh flooding pattern).

Second, it is also funny how since the beginning of history, groups of people have been claiming that the world is just fine:

  • Don’t worry, that horse is a sign of the gods! Break the wall to let it pass!
  • Barbarians? How could that be a problem for the largest empire of the world?
  • Nah, the Turks are only talking—we Armenians will just have to endure some insults, like all the other times, that’s all.
  • They’ve been persecuting us for almost two millennia now, yet we’re still here.
  • Ivan, run this test tomorrow night on reactor 4. Stop whining about safety, nothing bad ever happened before.
  • Levee maintenance? Oh please, every how many years do we get a Cat 5?

Predicting doom may or may not be right. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it does not. It is the merit of the question that has to be addressed, and if the consequences are claimed to be serious it should be a case for increased attention, not discredit.

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