Fashion Victim

Coming soon… a reprint of my latest column from Pee Zine. It’s finished, but won’t be going up until after the magazine is published.

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2 Responses to “Fashion Victim”

  1. Aimee Says:

    “Coming soon”, eh? Sort of like the post about missing your girlfriend that you never wrote?

  2. Stu Says:

    Some of the points I made in this column were repeated a couple of weeks later in my homie Deirdre Macken’s Relativities column in the Weekend Financial Review (July 30-21, 2005). I guess I’m one of those underground blogs that are corroding the street cred of surfwear brands.

    Laid-back surfwear gets dressing-down
    Australian surfwear companies are in danger of losing the vibe.

    …The corporate heavyweights who annexed a counter culture have always been aware that their long-term survival and high pricing structure depend on their core constituency and, indeed, core values. And they’ve done everything to keeep their street cred from being polluted by their corporate cred.


    Earlier this year graffiti began appearing around beach suburbs – a wave with RIP on the inside and a Quicksilver logo with a dollar sign in the centre: the message from the street that surfwear had sold out to multinational corporations.

    These messages have been picked up in chat rooms and blogs and, while this chatter may not have the reach of multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns, they have the power to corrode the essence of counter-cultural brands – street cred.