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Re:Specific Ocean? (Score:5, Funny)
by Kevin Stevens (227724) * on Friday August 20, @01:47AM (#10013283)

Me and my friends about a year ago decided to come up w/ a single basic screening question to decide if a girl we met was halfway intelligent. We debated on what the one question should be, and finally decided on one: “Where is Kansas?” Where we would mark a point in the air for california and new york and then have them point to where kansas should be. You wouldnt believe where some girls pointed. Some thought it was somewhere around virgina, others in canada, one even pointed to some place out in the middle of the atlantic. And we weren’t nitpicking either, you passed if you just pointed to somewhere approximately in the middle. The pass rate for a typical drunk girl was somewhere around 20%. We were astounded. We thought it would be something like 70%. So after seeing those dissapointing results, we did what any guy would do… and lowered our standards.

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