First past the post voting is flawed

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Re:Difference with the US (Score:5, Informative)

by mdwh2 (535323) on Friday April 17, @07:02PM (#27621453)

FPTP is inherently flawed, and leads to people just voting for one of the two popular choices. In Sweden however, they use a system of proportional representation: []

There are many different voting systems, all with different advantages and disadvantage, and almost all of them are far superior to FPTP that is sadly used in most countries.

My pet theory on that is that people want a simple choice, one or the other. When you give them a complex choice, they get frustrated.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but the problem is that FPTP voting is inherently flawed with more than two choices. It’s got nothing to do with the mindset of the voter.

For example, if I ask what people’s favourite music is, and the poll options and results are:

* Electronic music : 35%
* Heavy metal : 25%
* Death metal : 20%
* Thrash metal : 20%

Then under FPTP, electronic music wins. But clearly, people favour metal to electronic by 65% to 35%! The problem is that if there are multiple similar options, the vote gets split between them.

There are many other kinds of flaws that can occur in different systems – e.g., take a read of [] .

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