For those who don’t “get” delicious

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For Those who don’t “get” delicious (Score:2, Interesting)
by akmolloy (686919) on Monday January 30, @01:38AM (#14596651)

When I first came across delicious, I didn’t get it either. So what if it keeps my bookmarks? But now I see it differently. It’s a great resource for finding sites that other people have found useful.

As an example… the other day one of my users asked me if I knew of a good place to get fonts. She said that a lot of the sites she had gone to had all sorts of pop-ups, and some had even put adware in with the supposedly free fonts.

I had no idea where to tell her to go, so I did what I always do and searched Google. The top few results were rather questionable, and I didn’t feel comfortable telling her to got to them.

So I went to delicious, and type the URL for the tag “font”, and then selected the most popular sites with that tag: []. This gave me a list of sites, some which had over 3,000 other people tag them. I showed her what I was doing to find the sites, and we both felt like if that many other people found the site useful, then it was probably a safe site to check out.

On the same lines, there’s a great delicious search engine here: [] which I have been using as much as Google when I want to see sites that people trust.

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