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Agents provocateurs (Score:5, Informative)

by Anonymous Coward on Saturday September 26, @06:03PM (#29550905)

In demonstrations all over the planet, the dudes in the ski masks are usually undercover pigs inciting violence. This is so old it ain’t funny. They do it all the freaking time. They’ve gotten caught at it not once, but *numerous* times. I’ve seen it several times back in the nam protest days, and it continues. The “battle of seattle” has plenty of evidence on it, just effin google it (anyone), just tons of witnesses who saw the official cops in uniform and darth vader gear IGNORING the “black ski masked anarchists”, either pigs or military pigs, who were allowed to rampage along, then beating peaceful people just walking or even just sitting someplace because of the “excuse” they got from their own guys. You want even worse? Google for “operation gladio”, 100% proven verifiable fact, they freaking blew folks up and stuff like that, hits, assassinations, terrible “false flag” operations. This was POLICE AND MILITARY doing it to their own people, so they could blame it on..others. Phony “terrorists”.

And I also know some cops *personally* who have been ORDERED to do this shit. It’s COMMON. I know military veterans who have done this in war areas, commit massacres on villagers then plant evidence so it looked like the “bad guys” did it. They told me about it, they didn’t like it, but close to getting a pension, you do what you are told, and the younger ones dig it, they love it, they are violence freaks. That’s all they hire as cops anymore, steroid popping violence freaks, mostly with military combat experience where every one they see is a “target” or could be.

Now, I wasn’t at this latest protest deal, but I’d bet something similar is going on, because it is their standard modus operandi. Not to say it is always that case, but it is WAY more common than not.

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