Does this stain match my tie?

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by pzs (857406) on Monday January 12, @12:17PM (#26419159)

Amen, brother. Every time I see a woman who is immaculately dressed and made-up, the same thoughts go through my head:

  • How much does she spend on those clothes, makeup and hair cuts?
  • How much time does she spend at the gym, in the shops, as well as preparing her appearance every morning?
  • How much mental energy is she expending on making sure she looks like that?

Of course there’s also the (even more important) fact that somebody who spends that much time and energy on their appearance clearly thinks their importance is crucially important. In some cases (not all, of course) this will be to the detriment of other qualities like, you know, being an interesting or pleasant person.

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by Anonymous Coward on Monday January 12, @12:44PM (#26419591)

True that.. that’s why I dress in whatever I pull off the floor that passes the smell test, have stubble most of the time, and usually need a haircut weeks ago. Someone someday is going to look at me and go “My God, that man is free. I want him.”

Hasn’t happened yet but it will!!


US HR practices (Score:4, Interesting)

by Kupfernigk (1190345) on Monday January 12, @11:45AM (#26418607)

Some of the posts here seem to be unwittingly revealing just how religious right fundamentalist a lot of US HR practice can be. The cultural gap is staggering. One US company I worked for in the 90s had a policy that nobody in a plant was allowed to have a “relationship” with anyone else. Husbands and wives in the same company were found jobs at different locations…imagine their shock on discovering that in Japan co-workers were actively encouraged to marry, and that US HR policies could not cross the Pacific.

Surely the point of the training is that some nerds don’t know the point at which ordinary human interaction becomes harassment, and because of this either fail to communicate or get into trouble. I didn’t know this and then ended up in what was nearly a single sex university (Cambridge at the end of the 60s) – it took several years in the world of work to recover.

It’s also worth pointing out that when nerds do get married, which they usually do, it often turns out very well. Low divorce rates, successful children. The application of intelligence to human relationships is not a bad idea.

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