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Get better management (Score:4, Insightful)
by iabervon (1971) on Friday June 04, @06:45PM (#9340485)
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If management is smart enough to plan ahead at all, the marathon coding sessions will be rare and predictable. (Release on this date means that the week two weeks previous will be long hours, and the week before will be chaotic; but you know this two months in advance). If you don’t know when your releases will be, management is clearly insane and likely to be ineffective.

As far as long hours, I’m firmly convinced that no good software design gets done while someone is at work. All of the major breakthroughs are made while you’re asleep. The only reason to go to work is to type them in and tell people about them. Of course, you’ll make some progress on things you’re not working directly on, so a 90-hour week once in a while (generally at the last minute before the testing cycle) is good to clean out all the bright ideas you don’t know you’ve had. But a 90-hour week severely cuts into the actually generation of insight, so it kills the next week or two of work (which may be okay, if your next week or two is mostly sitting around waiting for bug reports). If you’re doing regular 90- hour weeks, you’re working part time and have an extra fulltime job staring mindlessly at a computer.

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