Getting Things Done

I still haven’t finished reading this book…kind of a vicious cycle :)
Oh, and this looks like an interesting blog on getting things done.

From Slashdot – Getting Things Done

I found this book tremendously useful (Score:4, Interesting)
by Schlemphfer (556732) on Friday January 14, @04:56PM (#11367722)

I read Getting Things Done about six months ago when I was starting my publishing company. It has been very, very useful to me. I got infinitely more from this book than from reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

The central idea of this book, which was not really covered in the Slashdot review, is that you should not be using your brain to remember things about work. Every time you have a thought relevant to work — an idea, a task to accomplish, a goal to achieve — you should have some kind of information management system in place so that your thought gets recorded for future review and action.

I married Allen’s advice with a cheap digital voice recorder and with a great piece of free Windows software called Keynote. [] Keynote is a tabbed outliner, where each of the main ten or so components to my life each get their own outline (in my case: speaking dates, website development, to do’s, etc). It’s really the only software that is keeping me using Windows. I use my Mac for nearly everything else.

Getting Things Done is perhaps the only business book that I intend to re-read. If you feel stressed about your work, and have this lingering feeling you’re not as effective as you need to be, I really suggest a weekend with this book. Just know that you should be joining its advice with a software solution like Keynote, plus a (real-world) filing cabinet, as you seek to empty the stuff in your brain into its appropriate places.

Oh, and one more thing. Getting Things Done is a great piece of writing. And how often can you say that about a business book?

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