The cure for SPAM is GMail

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GMail (Score:5, Interesting)

by Aladrin (926209) on Saturday April 11, @02:55PM (#27543651)

Once again, GMail is my solution to this. Prior to GMail, I used spamgourmet to keep my inbox clean. The oldest email I have used to get 30,000 emails per month that were all SPAM. Right now, it’s getting about 11,000. (I haven’t really used that address in a long time.

I have had maybe 10 SPAM emails in the last year make it to that inbox. (It’s hosted under Google Apps.)

So once I found out how well Google’s SPAM filters work, I quit caring about giving out my main email address. I give it to everything now, and if a company SPAMs me, I just mark it as SPAM. When enough people do that, it seriously hinders their ability to contact their legit customers, and they learn a valuable lesson.

There’s a little bit of fallout from people who use the SPAM button incorrectly, but I think Google does its best to account for that, too.

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