Harsh Reality of IT Project Life Cycle

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Myth: You will make so much money babes will be hanging off of you.
Reality: Chicks don’t dig geeks, no matter how much money you make, besides, they know you’ll spend it all on computers and techy toys instead of them.

Myth: Computer wizards command respect
Reality: Once the PHB figures you can do things you’ll be buried in no time with stupid, menial tasks with the same priority as critical tasks.

Myth: You’ll continue learning as your employer sees it critical your skills are kept up to date and foots tuition and conference fees.
Reality: As soon as you can’t do something or drop dead from exhaustion, you’ll be replaced by another victim fresh out of school (or your job will go offshore for 1/10 what you cost)

Myth: Programming, constructing systems, et al are fun!
Reality: Most of the projects will be as much fun as getting a new filling at the dentist (any fun you actually have will be against company policy.)

Harsh Reality of IT Project Life Cycle

  • Phase 1: Uncritical acceptance.
  • Phase 2: Wild enthusiasm.
  • Phase 3: Dejected disillusionment.
  • Phase 4: Total confusion.
  • Phase 5: Search for the guilty.
  • Phase 6: Punishment of the innocent.
  • Phase 7: Promotion of nonparticipants.
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