How about this weather huh?

Floods in Riversdale Rd, Hawthorne.It is generally acknowledged that you’ve run out of things to say once you start talking about the weather, but gee-fucking-whiz it’s been a shithouse Australian summer so far. It seems like most of January has been cold and miserable and now, on the last Thursday night in January, the weather gods prove that they have got it in for me personally and flood the inside of my car.

A months worth of rain (around 60mm) was dumped in two hours. The first I knew of it was when I got up in the morning and noticed that my tyres had a high water mark. Sure enough, on the gutter side of my car, the high water mark was above the door sill. Half my car was up to a couple of centimetres deep. It was the first time the carpet has been washed in years, but my car now smells like wet dog.

Caulfield park had a second lake, and it seemed as though every jogger over sixty wanted to stop and talk to me while I was bailing out my car (a bucket is not just useful when you have to give drunk people a ride). In the end, the only damage was to my street directory, which I fear will never be quite the same.

Elsewhere, the State Emergency Service got 500 calls for help, the fire brigade had to rescue more than 20 people from their cars and toll road operators CityLink generously promised to refund $2.99 to anyone who was stranded on their roads.

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