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by ObsessiveMathsFreak (773371) <obsessivemathsfr … m.net minus city> on Monday September 21, @08:35PM (#29498663)
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Because he can and he should. What’s the point of licensing a character if the licensee could wait for you to die and say “ha ha” and continue using that character?

You know. You’re exactly right. It’s not fair.

Just the other day, I saw a man building a wall on the outside of someone’s house. I thought to myself, that wall is increasing the value of this property and indeed all the properties around it by a considerable amount. Why should that man be satisfied with just one payment. His wall could last forever. Shouldn’t his creativity and hard work be rewarded during that time? The owner of that house an others nearby should pay that man a fair licence fee for his work for the rest of his life.

Your argument has further persuaded me that not only should they pay the money to the wall builder, but also to his heirs. After all, they are his family, and he was working for them while he built those walls. True, they didn’t lay a brick themselves, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to profit from their father’s honest labour till the end of their days. And their heirs in turn should be able to enjoy the benefits. It’s their moral right.

When I think how copyright has consistently delivered fresh innovation and content in the form of superheroes like Superman(1938), Batman(1939), and Spiderman(1962), I realise that the joy they ring to millions should mean financial benefit for the children, grandchildren, and great grand children of the authors. Who knows? Maybe with all the money they earn and such solid intellectual property rights, they’ll go on to produce other famous superheroes who careers will last longer than most nation states. After all, copyright is the great motivator of new creative content!

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