Is auto-tune really that bad?

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by philicorda (544449) on Saturday February 07, @06:33PM (#26767317)

What has this got to do with creativity?

Before autotune, we’d drop in on the same bit of vocal for hours if need be.

Now, if the spirit of the take is good, but there are a couple of pitch problems, you can fix them without endless retakes taking away the vibe.

I’d say it does the opposite to removing creativity. It liberates artists to let go a little when singing and go for feel over perfection.

Re:The sting in the tail (Score:5, Interesting)

by david.given (6740) <{moc.kralwoc} {ta} {gd}> on Saturday February 07, @12:10PM (#26764239)
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You’re spot on. You can easily tell which artists heavily rely on post-production techniques based on their live performances. Some shine, and for those that fail miserably(Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, here’s looking at you) it is easy to tell why.

Absolutely right. I once saw a chat show where Sting was a guest. Half-way through he pulled out a guitar and sang something, and it was great. (I think it was Fields of Gold, which is a superb piece of music.) Despite the silly name, he’s a real musician.

Interestingly, though, I once saw much the same thing happen with, of all people, the Backstreet Boys: one of the original glossy boy bands. Now, it was obviously carefully prepared, as four guys singing in close harmony doesn’t happen spontaneously, so they could have sneaked in some postproduction, but the overall environment and production values makes me suspect they didn’t. So it’s possible that at least some of these people can actually perform.

Personally, I blame to songwriters — a large proportion of the modern pap pop artists are just performers who sing whatever they’re told to. One day I’d like to see a collection of music charts sorted by author rather than by performer and see if there are any interesting patterns…

Re:The sting in the tail (Score:4, Informative)

by smellsofbikes (890263) on Saturday February 07, @05:31PM (#26766877)

>One day I’d like to see a collection of music charts sorted by author rather than by performer and see if there are any interesting patterns…

You’d see Linda Perry [] all over the place, for one thing.

Authenticity is for the Olympics. This is Pop. (Score:4, Insightful)

by RobotRunAmok (595286) on Saturday February 07, @11:36AM (#26764013)

I could not care in the least whether the voice on “Circus” and “Toxic” belongs to a young blond woman named Britney Spears or an AI in a basement in Kyoto. It’s pop music: flash, rhymes, synth, beat, top hat and just enough cowbell. Ever since MTV it’s also been good looks and plenty of skin, and that’s fine too. Lemme say it again: It’s Pop Music! It’s not classical, or jazz, or standards, or any of the genres which mandate legit chops. When I listen to a pop song, I am under no illusion that the person credited wrote the song, is playing the instrument, or sings like that in real life. I don’t care about the artist (or his/her politics) I care about the production of the song.

Jeez… didn’t The Monkees teach us anything?

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