Just me and my funny little monkey

FHM magazine front coverI can’t find the issue right now, but I recently read in New Scientist magazine about a study which showed that male chimps would pay* to be able to view images of female chimps’ butts and images of high-status males.

The not so hidden sub-text of the story was, of course, the obvious parallels between apes and humans. It certainly helps to explain the popularity of FHM magazine, with its content of cheesecake and sports stars, but the question that remains in my mind is…what do the female chimps want?

* In this case, “pay” means exchange food treats for…ever seen a chimp with a wallet?

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2 Responses to “Just me and my funny little monkey”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Male chimps with waxed backs in Speedos?

  2. Stuart Says:

    While I’m on the topic of New Scientist, here’s another two snippets…

    Last week…the World health Organisation…recommended that we get no more than a tenth of our calories from…sugar.

    …the American sugar indistry says the recommendation is flawed, relies on bad science, and undermines the credibility of the organisations supporting it. Cutting back on sugar will not improve our health, but it will jeopardise the economies of developing nations dependent on sugar exports.

    and…say goodbye to our favourite type of chimp, the bonobo…

    Just 75 years after being discovered, our closest living relative is on the verge of extinction. A comprehensive survey of the bonobo, or pygmy chimp, indicates that it may have been hunted so intensively that it cannot survive.

    …The survey was carried out between May and December 2003 within the 36,000-square-kilometre Salonga National Park, the only area of the DRC where bonobos are protected…The survey failed to spot a single ape, and recorded the vocalisations of just one individual.