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by Anonymous Coward on Saturday April 18, @07:05PM (#27631129)

“Of course. Because it has never been about global warming or CO2. Otherwise CO2 emitted by India and China would have been as bad as emissions in the 1st world. But Kyoto exempted them.”

Yes. But you don’t have any clue why.

It has something to do with the fact that it is the industrialized countries that have been emptying CO2 into the atmosphere in ever-greater amounts for the last 2 centuries or so before realizing it might be a problem. The premise of the Kyoto agreement is: they are the ones that have created the problem so far, they’re the ones that are already industrialized and have most of the money. They are therefore the ones best positioned to come up with technical solutions and ways to meet lowered targets or at least flatten out production. The race is to do that before countries like India and China ramp up as fast as people are expecting given their populations.

How can we possibly say to countries that are in the early stages of industrialization “Oh, you can’t do exactly what we’ve been doing for the last couple of centuries, or it will be a disaster!” It’s like eating 3/4 of the pizza at the party and then telling a skinny latecomer: “Whoa there. Don’t go eating all the pizza that’s left. It’s bad for you and we also have to share”, while still stuffing your face as fast as ever.

The whole point was to meet the goals of Kyoto and THEN say to India, China and other developing countries: “See? This can be done. Now it’s your turn to meet the same targets.” That was the bargain.

Ever since then there has been this myth that India and China are somehow completely and forever off the hook. Well, they probably will be because we’re dragging our asses on what we committed to do.

Here’s hoping the world can make do without any kind of agreement, and that the predictions expected from that scenario are wrong. Hope really hard.

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