Caffeine instead of sleep == hallucination

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Caffeine instead of sleep results in hallucination (Score:5, Interesting)

by fractoid (1076465) on Thursday March 12, @09:45PM (#27176363)

I think it was around 40 hours, I got up at 9am for a soccer match on Sunday, went home, showered, got to uni at 4pm or so, helped the guy I was tutoring finish his assignment by midnight, finished my own assignment for the same course by 4am (which got a lower mark despite perfectly implementing everything in the spec plus the bonus question which stated ‘you cannot get less than 100% if you correctly implement this’, rumour has it that the lecturer graded assignments based on the weight of the documentation in ounces). Made a deal with friends who were in both my Concurrent Programming and my Software Engineering project groups that if I did the entire Concurrent project by myself (yay code) they’d do my part of the S.E. project (gtfo documentation). Went to a couple of lectures, got some food and some energy drinks. Back to the lab at about 2pm, worked on the Concurrent project. Drank my first bottle of Red Eye at about 11pm, which got me back on my toes. Second bottle at 2am had no discernible effect. I finished the concurrent project at 4am and drove home.

It’d rained lightly, then cleared up. On the way home the reflections of street lights on the wet road made it look like my car was flying through the center of some crazy tunnel of lights… I’m glad I got home. :P

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