Learn a functional programming language…like Scheme

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Get the Little Schemer (Score:5, Interesting)

by burris (122191) on Tuesday March 18, @01:55PM (#22785492)

Like a lot of people have commented on this thread, it’s past time for you to learn a functional language. I’m not sure if it is true, but new CS students at MIT used to have to learn Scheme as their first language. Learning a functional language will transform your programming ability.

I recommend the book The Little Schemer [neu.edu] This book is like no other programming book you have ever used. It is a socratic dialog between you and the interpreter. Questions on the left, answers on the right. It is meant to be used with an interpreter.

Once you make it through this book you’ll be a much, much better programmer. You’ll also have an easy time learning languages like Haskell, which is used quite a bit in academia and is useful for real world software.

So buy a copy of the Little Schemer and download an interpreter, Dr. Scheme is pretty good, and get cracking.

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