The legal system is not based on Christianity

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by Raffaello (230287) on Thursday January 08, @09:44AM (#26371633)

Yet the vast majority of Western legal systems are based on Christian principles.

This is really not true. Stealing is considered wrong in both non-christian and christian societies, so having laws against stealing is not evidence of a specifically christian legal system. Similarly murder, adultery, etc.

This is the broken argument that religious apologists always trot out. The fact is that religious people are no more likely to be moral than others (and probably quite likely to be less moral – see next paragraph). People share common moral values whether they are christian or not.

On the down side however, christians are responsible for numerous and well documented heinous atrocities specifically due to their religion (crusades, inquisition, witch burning, annihilation of heretics, etc.).

On balance, christianity has been a net cause of significant evil in the world. For more detail see Dawkins The God Delusion

Re:That’s odd… (Score:4, Insightful)

by BB_Cat_3k (1308055) on Thursday January 08, @01:39PM (#26374925)

Western system are based more on Roman law than Cristian commandments. That book tells us nothing either unique or original, and its followers are (statisticly) among the least moral definable groups there are. Seriously, what moral system DOESN’T teach
– Personal responsibility, treating others with love and respect, not being a greedy, selfish twit.

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