Misunderstanding Evolution

From Slashdot – Researchers Say Human Brain is Still Evolving

Duh? (Score:5, Insightful)
by Dimensio (311070) <darkstar AT iglou DOT com> on Friday September 09, @12:54PM (#13515333)

Evolution is not attempting to attain a certain “goal” at which it stops. Evolution is simply the result of certain genetic traits being selected based upon environmental pressures. It shouldn’t be too surprising that evolution still occurs in humans so long as there is a situation where some genetic traits are more likely to be passed on through reproduction than others.

I guess this could be news to people who don’t actually understand evolution — which, given the popularity of pseudoscience like “Intelligent Design” and non-science like “Creation Science” — probably is quite a bit. Unfortunately, experience shows that they don’t really care to learn anything about evolution anyway, so chances are they’ll do little but mock the findings without even trying to understand them.


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