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PC specs (Score:3, Insightful)
by HarveyBirdman (627248) on Monday January 03, @04:13PM (#11248036)
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Hence grandmas in Best Buy staring at the computer described as “P4 3.0 GHz 256 DDR 40.0 GB DVD/CD-RW” when all she wants to know is whether she can check email and view photos of the grandkids.

I hear that at work all day and it drives me nuts. Not that I don’t look at specs when I buy a computer, but I have learned never to ask about anyone else’s new computer because you get the five minute laundry list of numbers that have no real importance. Do I really need to know if your new Duh-ell PC has an 80G or 100G hard drive? PC specs have replaced dick size and engine displacement as bragging fodder or something.

I overheard the guy in the office next to me last year spend hours on the phone shaving costs of his new PC. $10 here. $5 there. He must have spent 20 hours to save $100. He drives a $45,000 car. Nobody places value on their time. He finally bought the thing and announced it to the bay the next day. Absentmindedly, I asked what kind… D’oh! Nine hours later I could have reverse engineered a schematic of the motherboard based on what this guy told us.

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