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by inviolet (797804) <pineminder@ya[ ].com [‘hoo’ in gap]> on Thursday April 24 2008, @11:11AM (#23183346)

Before making any decisions about MBTI testing, there is some further research to consider.

Kiersey’s work on his “temperament sorter” eventually determined that the 16 usual MBTI types can be usefully rearranged into four categories and then four subcategories of each. The four categories are: Guardian (xSxJ), Rational (xNTx), Artisan (xSxP), and Idealist (xNFx). The subcategories are the familiar MBTI types, but they aren’t nearly as interesting because the differences between them get lost in the noise of human personality.

Knowing one’s category, and the categories of one’s partner and children, is quite useful. It makes specific predictions about careers, fulfillment, and the tenor of social interactions… and unlike astrology, one can unknowingly read about the other types and see immediately that the data doesn’t fit. I have two sons, and Kiersey’s book “Please Understand Me II” has saved me from making some serious mistakes in how I raise them.

Almost everyone on slashdot is going to be a Rational (NT). But, fascinatingly, the optimal partner for an NT is probably not another NT, but rather than NF (Idealist). Idealists live in the same world of abstract ideas as NTs (hence the ‘N’) but are more devoted to social/feeling/well-being/interaction than to systems/machines/designs/plans/coordination. The difference, framed as it is within the common language of abstract-idea people, is rewarding rather than vexing.

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by sootman (158191) on Thursday April 24 2008, @12:11PM (#23184586)

For the people who are getting all worked up–relax. It’s just a model. RGB and CMYK don’t explain everything about how color works but they’re good models and you can get a lot of good things done with them. (Sorry, can’t think of a good car analogy.) Similarly, M-B isn’t the be-all-end-all of how people function but it is still very useful. (For those who still have no idea what this poll is about, here’s a good place to start: [] )

Also, missing option: ISTJ! Actually, that would make a neat poll: list all 16 options and see how the Slashdot population distributes.

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