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Re:Missing option… (Score:5, Funny)
by scaramush (472955) <slashdot.slutco@com> on Thursday December 02, @06:02PM (#10979324)
( | Last Journal: Monday March 10, @08:05PM)

actually, that’s one aspect of human sexuality that I’ve worked hard to avoid in my life…

Really? How hard is it to avoid having something put in your ass? Do you find yourself constantly dodging random objects? Are there hazards I’ve missed by blind luck? Does treachery lurk on every bus seat? I imagine you bending over the copier at work — “Oho, Johnson! You almost got me again! Only by my hard work and training did I manage to dodge your deftly wielded spear!”

Or do you mean you’ve had a particularly difficult time keeping your parts out of other people’s asses? Afraid you might trip one day and accidentally impale the milkman? “Damn! Not again!”.

I salute your perseverance and diligence, sir!

Re:Actually…. (Score:5, Interesting)
by dswensen (252552) * on Thursday December 02, @05:26PM (#10978785)
( | Last Journal: Monday December 01, @01:22AM)

American culture in general has no use for intellectuals. Go to the movies sometime. Many of the villains are scientists, who are punched out by the blue-collar Sun King who has no use for their fancy book-learnin’.

I own a book on fiction writing that specifically says: if you want to make a villain more evil, have him speak in a precise and intelligent manner, giving him a European accent or heritage if possible. The audience will be threatened by him and equate him with snooty intellectualism, thus making it easier for him to hate. I’m not kidding.

Plus, for a lot of kids, being a teenager involves being “above” almost anything which represents the establishment. Too cool for school, as the saying goes. If society, parents etc. want you to do well in school, a lot of kids’ instinct run to the opposite direction.

I don’t think bragging about low test scores has anything to do with being proud of a lack of intelligence — some intelligent people just don’t test well, as I can personally attest. Bragging about low test scores is just a means of trying to fit in — for a lot of kids, that means showing contempt for just about everything.

SMS-speak sucks harder that l33t5p34k (Score:5, Interesting)
by Tackhead (54550) on Thursday December 02, @05:13PM (#10978538)

I can live with teh l33t5p34k, at least when used in proper context or in moderation. It’s SMS-speak that really makes me see red.

I can understand why you’d use SMS speak if you were trying to send an SMS, because you’re limited to 160 characters and you’re using a device that’s wholly inappropriate for entering alphabetic data.

But so help me God, if you do it anywhere else, and especially if do it when you have a full-size keyboard in front of you (u ppl on MMORPGs im talking 2 u yes u this is rly wut i thk of u ur all lusers), you mark yourself as being absolutely bereft of gorm [].

On the bright side — one of the high points of my career has been seeing one of these gormless fucks’ resumes, onto which some SMS-speak had slipped. (heh, ges u didnt use ur spellchecker) After the laughter had died down, our manager had to reprint multiple copies of the resume, so that all of us could share in the joy of crumpling it up, spitting on it, stomping on it, and tearing it into little bits and flushing it down the toilet… because it wasn’t even fit for the garbage can.

The words are spelt “You”, “your”, and “you’re”. Spelling it “ur” because you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” is not going to help you. Your English teacher may have been brainwashed not to bruise your precious self-esteem and to let it slide, but the rest of the world won’t.

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