Computers are the reason fewer people are studying Science and Physics

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by johnsonav (1098915) on Monday February 25, @09:29PM (#22554190)

I would argue that the USA’s peak of scientific interest was during the late 1960s when the space program was a national obsession and every second kid had a Nasa poster on their bedroom wall.

You’re probably right. But, I’m sure there were plenty of people back then that thought there were too many kids interested in The Beatles, not science. If anything, I believe that what has been lost is a generation of physicists and biologists to the siren’s song of computer science. If the Apollo program was what drew them in the ’60s, then dot-coms and OSS draw them now. There is no other field today where the barriers to entry are so low that almost anyone can make a real contribution.

The first step towards solving the problem, in my opinion, is stop making college degrees the minimum requirement for employment, regardless of major. There are too many people attending college today simply looking for any degree. This results in over-enrollment in so called easy majors, and less funding for science and engineering. You don’t see nearly as many foreign students in those programs because, for them, the job market back home requires real knowledge, not just a piece of paper.

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