A privilege, not a right

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by Mr. Slippery (47854) <tms.infamous@net> on Sunday May 18, @12:22PM (#23453710)

Tell me again please why I, as a business owner, should not be allowed to choose who I want to do business with and who I do not.

Because occupying land for business use is a privilege, not a right.

You want the cops to come and remove someone from your establishment who you don’t want there, you want the government to enforce your control over that little patch of real estate? Part of the deal is that the government gets to set some restrictions on your business.

You want to work here, you either are a smoker or you tolerate smoke. Why cannot I require that?

For the same reason you can’t tell a factory worker, “you want to work here, you tolerate the risk of getting your arm ripped off by our unsafe machinery.”

What’s next, requiring a chimney sweep to hire and keep an employee with vertigo because he has to accept it? You don’t smoke, you’re not qualified to work as my waiter. Why can’t I say that?

Chimney sweeps climb to significant heights. It is the nature of their jobs, if they can’t tolerate heights they can’t do the job, and there’s no reasonable accommodation that could change that.

A waiter delivers food. There is nothing in the nature of a waiter’s job that requires him or her to smoke. It’s no more permissible to say “only smokers can be waiters here” than “only atheists can be waiters here” or “only members of the Green Party can be waiters here” or “only people who let me have sex with them can be waiters here”.

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