Pro-life is really anti-sex

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Hypocrisy (Score:5, Insightful)

by Anonymous Coward on Saturday March 07, @08:47AM (#27104093)

I honestly don’t understand how the “destruction of embryos” for medical research is worse than the “destruction of embryos” for IVF. The only difference I can see is that IVF is a procedure that conservatives have done all the time, while medical research is done by the evil liberal scientists.

All this hand-waving over stem cells strikes me as dishonest. The people who call killing embryos for research a tragedy have no problem letting them die en masse in other circumstances. For example, why aren’t they pushing for medical technology to save every last fertilized ovum? I guess life isn’t as important as scoring political points.

Re:Hypocrisy (Score:5, Insightful)

by arkhan_jg (618674) on Saturday March 07, @01:31PM (#27105995)

A lot of pro-lifers don’t actually give a damn about life; see how little they care about what happens after the children are born, for example, or arabs killed in other countries, or even back the death penalty.

Many pro-lifers see having children as punishment for having sex outside marriage; abortion is a way out of that punishment. Stem-cell research is ‘creating freaks of nature in a lab’, and such science, like gays, are disgusting and counter to God’s plan.

IVF, on the other hand, is good for Godly married couples who are too old or otherwise infertile to have the children they want; since God loves children, IVF is just helping God along a bit.

Next time you see a pro-life argument, substitute anti-sex, and you’ll see it explains a lot of the inconsistencies.

Re:Proven to kill… (Score:5, Insightful)

by Kaboom13 (235759) <kaboom108@be l l s> on Saturday March 07, @12:25PM (#27105551)

I wish you would apply your moral panic to causes that could actually help people.

This. I don’t get the outrage of stem cells for this reason. I can understand how religious people can feel harvesting embryos or whatever is wrong. But if it’s wrong, it’s a wrong done with at least good intentions, that harms no one (abortions are not going to stop, stem cell research or not). There’s so much going on thats wrong in this world, even in this country. Ethnic cleansing, human rights abuses, etc. In our country alone, the government steals from the poor and gives to the rich, imprisons millions for drugs and puts them in a prison system that is completely overrun with racism, violence, drugs, sexual abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases. For a religon based on teachings of tolerance, love for your enemy, forgiveness, and redemption, you would think the state of our for-profit-prisons would have the “religious right” outraged! Somehow I think Christ would be more concerned about helping those on the very bottom of our society, then condemning Doctors bending their ethics to potentially help make the lame walk again (in fact I hear he was a big fan of healing cripples).

It seems to me you could easily spend your entire life fighting whats wrong in this world, and never even get around to stem cells. It’s a small, pathetic issue to crusade against. But I suppose because it is small, it is easy to divert your attention to, easy to cope with. After all, the big issues would require you to look with open eyes, and maybe admit you were wrong. That would take humility, and I’m pretty sure Jesus was strongly against that, if the leaders of the religious right are any example.

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  1. jacquesm (154384) Says:

    A conservative is a liberal with a teenage daughter :)