Randites don’t want to play fair

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by jollyreaper (513215) on Tuesday January 27, @11:22AM (#26623771)

On the other hand, if one espouses and believes a philosophy that says that “Whatever I can do to make myself more money at the expense of the group is both moral and reasonable”, well, you wind up with the current GOP ideology of selfishness and greed and you can see where that has gotten us.

Thank you, you hit it right on the head. The part of Ayn’s ideas that makes sense at first blush is “Hey, don’t take from me what I created, let me choose to do what I want with it.” That goes right back to the American Revolution with “Taxation without representation is tyranny.” Yes, taxes are the price we pay for a civil society but a civil society would also let us say what should be done with it.

The part that Ayn completely misses is capturing the true costs and debts represented by a society. Her heroes are idealized men who never quite existed in the real world, only in the adventure pulps. Her heroes are like Doc Sampson, Johnny Quest’s dad, Rusty Venture’s dad, etc. You could sit them down on a desert island with nothing but coconuts and surly natives and five years later he’d have a modern society and space travel. This just doesn’t happen in the real world.

In the real world, the Edison’s and Gates’ and other robber-barons are building their empires upon the groundwork laid by society. Public money paid for the national defense so they aren’t growing up as slave labor for a foreign power. Public education provided for them, likely not for their own schooling but the schooling of their employees. Imagine if they were to set up shop in Haiti and had to start educating their workforce in the ABC’s before they could ever get to producing things of value!

A healthy economy is like an ecosystem. The plants grow, get eaten by something that gets eaten by something eventually eaten by the apex predator. The apex predator dies, decays, and the biomass enters the ecology once more.

The problem with the Randites is they simply don’t want to play fair. They’ll gussy up their arguments with all sorts of sophistry but the fact of the matter is they’re greedy and don’t want to pay their fair share.

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