Reality has a liberal bias

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by Touvan (868256) on Monday March 30, @03:43PM (#27392531)

Is it left-biased, or reality biased? It seems a lot of people that smear the current American left, have been living in the right wing bubble for the last few decades, and can’t fess up to the reality bias that reality has.

Only in American can I consider myself, a centrist progressive. The state of politics here is severely depressing, so anything that pulls us out of the childish, conservative, backward looking rut we’ve been in, is a plus in my book.

Re:Investigative? (Score:4, Insightful)

by joggle (594025) on Monday March 30, @04:00PM (#27392691)
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I’m sure many right wing type people will dismiss your remark out of hand without considering it for a moment, but consider:

1) Which nation did this huge economic disaster start? America, a country that had been under complete Republican rule for 6 of the last 8 years and had undergone many deregulations over the past three decades which directly contributed to this crisis.

2) Which European countries have most felt the economic fallout of this? Iceland and Ireland, the two most free-wheeling democracies in Europe. For years Republicans would use Ireland as an example for us to follow since they had the lowest commercial tax rates in the world. Since Ireland’s economy has been in free-fall I haven’t heard Republicans mention them at all (I wonder why?).

3) Which European countries have been effected least? Spain and France due to their more conservative banking regulations and greater safety net for people living there.

So take a serious look at the mirror and consider the possibility that Touvan is actually correct–reality really does, in fact, have a left-wing bias (at least in terms of economic policy). The first top economic adviser to Bush 43 resigned shortly into Bush’s first term because he was simply ignored and believed their economic policy would be disastrous (paying for wars with tax cuts was an extremely bad idea). It’s hard to argue that he was wrong now (it really was even then…).

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