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by Bertie (87778) on Saturday May 09, @02:18PM (#27889961)

Years back, I sat on a beach with a young Greek lady, talking of plans and careers and futures and whatnot. She told me the following yarn:

A rich American businessman is on holiday in Mexico and strikes up a conversation with a local fisherman. They come from very different worlds and both are interested in each other’s lifestyle.

“So what do you do all day, buddy?”, says the American.

“Well, I wake up, go out on my little boat and spend the day sitting in the sun fishing. When I’m done, I sail back in, sell most of my catch and make myself a few pesos, and keep enough of it to take home to feed my family. Then I’ll have dinner with my wife and children, maybe go for a drink with my friends, come home, make love to the wife, sleep, get up the next day and do it all again.”
“Hey, you can do better than that. You should take your son out fishing with you. That way you could catch more fish.”
“And then what?”
“Well, with the money you make from that, you could invest in a bigger boat, and catch even more fish.”
“And then what?”
“Well soon enough you could buy another boat, and another, and then eventually you wouldn’t need to fish at all, you could manage your fleet’s operations from the shore. One day you’d be a rich man.”
“And what would I do with all this money?”
“Well you could retire and spend your days fishing in the sun…”

Point is, if you aspire to a quiet life of comfort somewhere beautiful, do it now while you’re young enough to get a good run at it. Fuck the rat race and spending your days saving up enough money to be able to do what you could have been doing all along. Time and health are finite commodities and you never know when they’ll be taken off you.

Of course, if you’re the sort of person that thinks that hard work is an end in itself, by all means slog on. Whatever makes you happiest.

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