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by elrous0 (869638) * on Friday January 04, @09:47AM (#21909032)

Ah, the Roswell hoax. That’s my personal favorite, and a great example of Occam’s razor.

Okay, the year is 1947. The U.S. is coming off a war in which spies where a major concern, and beginning to become even more paranoid about the Soviets. The “Iron Curtain” has gone up in Eastern Europe. Fears of Soviet spies and infiltrators trying to steal atomic and military secrets or undermine the U.S. government are ubiquitous. The U.S. is racing to develop missle and jet aircraft technology at desert Air Force bases like Edwards using test pilots like candy, hoping to the keep a technological edge. They are also desperately developing new espionage technologies in an attempt to spy on the Soviets and keep them from spying on us.

Something crashes in the desert near an Air Force base in a field in New Mexico. A local farmer finds strong, lightweight materials at the crash site, including a metallic fabric in the debris. The Air Force rushes to the scene. A low-level guy at first is open about it with the press, then suddenly clamps up, cleans up all the debris, and calls it a weather balloon (even though this is illogical). The Air Force then starts strong-arming witnesses, basically telling them “You didn’t see nutin’, got that?”

Now, what is the most logical and reasonable explanation for these events?

A) The crash was some sort of high-altitude spy balloon or secret aircraft being developed by the Air Force to spy on the Soviets, or

B) The crash was an alien spacecraft capable of traversing the vast emptiness of interstellar space and enduring intense cosmic radiation and micrometeorites strikes at faster-than-light speeds, yet incapable of making a simple atmospheric landing without breaking up into a field of debris conveniently located near a U.S. Air Force base.

If you picked B, seek help.

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