Security by design or security through obscurity

From Winn Schwartau’s blog – Mad As Hell: Metaphor 1.42

When Microsoft (and their apologists) want to explain why their OS seems to be a miserable piece of technology ridden with problems, they *deny* the existence of Security By Design, and say that the problem is because they are so wonderfully popular. They tell everyone that Security By Design doesn’t exist and they’d be safe “if only they weren’t so wonderfully popular!” They want you to believe only the gospel of Security By Obscurity.

But when Microsoft (and their apologists) want to explain how Longhorn will be better than the sucky situation now, suddenly Security By Design exists! Alleluia! Suddenly, you hear angels singing lofty ideas about “secure code” and “built with safety in mind”. Microsoft leaders and evangelists swear Longhorn is a godsend because “security needs to be part of the design, not a bolt-on”.

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