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not just women (Score:5, Interesting)

by ghostlibrary (450718) on Sunday March 15, @09:24AM (#27199383)

It’s not just women… whichever parent ‘takes the hit’ to raise the kids runs into this. It’s the “kid track” (formerly ‘mommy track’). Kids into schoolbus means I’m off to work, rush back before they get home, so less face time and less ‘being seen’. It’s never about the work.

I’ve been advised (wisely) to never mention the kids… the other scientists with kids, it’s like a secret club where you only talk to other parents least word get out you’re soft. In fact, I’ve been asked by a boss when will my kids be old enough that I can ‘get serious about my career’ (meaning put them into aftercare so I can work 60+ hours). I have no regrets– we make a choice, you can’t have it all, etc. But it is real– if you’re kid-track, you’re not career-track.

Given the salaries in academia/science (medium-low) and that more women (statistically) achieving in the business workplace, more science guys (I predict) will be ‘going domestic’, so more guys will run into this too.

And while I’m at it, what’s with the lame acronomy for Stay At Home Dads, it makes us all sound sahd. Besides, if you work 3/4 time or a rushed 8 hours, you’re not staying, you’re just at home when K12 is not in session.

an At-Home Dad (AHD, similarily to ADHD probably intentional)

Re:Less pressure (Score:5, Interesting)

by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 15, @08:38AM (#27199153)

Speaking as a woman who has a successful career in a male dominated environment (not STEM but the military), I can say that it is possible for a woman to rise to the top, if she is willing to make one of two choices (or falls into one of two choices):
1. She has no children
2. If she has children she has a husband who has a work schedule which allows him to be the one ‘on call’ for the children
I’ve seen many, many female Colonels who were successful with selection two. I’ve only seen female Generals with selection 1.

OT: From the perspective of lifetime income for the family–military service is bad for males (it reduces their post-service income by 30% when compared to civilian men the same age when they return to civilian life), but good for females. Post military service a woman will outperform women her own age in the civilian market.

This then is the simple way to maximize your family income over a lifetime. Woman goes in the service, husband stays in the civilian economy in employment that allows flexibility (lawyer, real estate, contracting, consulting, etc) until the children are able to drive, then both enter the economy as full time employees.

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