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by hairyfeet (841228) <> on Wednesday February 10, @03:00AM (#31083012)

Same here, I figured better safe than sorry. With a full Sysinternals suite on a flash along with the “Computer Repair Utility Toolkit V2” (I’d provide a link but some FOSSies had a fit and made the original website take it down. I’m sure you can find it on MegaUpload) that I update with new AV and antimalware tools it is like having a “shop on a stick” that lets me fix a good 80%+ of the problems I run into on customer’s boxes out in the field.

With those two suites and Dependency Walker [] on a 2Gb flash stick I can carry all my “save my ass” tools in my pocket, making my life a whole lot easier. I’ve found we PC repairmen are a lot like plumbers, as when we go to visit friends we often get “Hey, while you are here…” and with the Sysinternals suite and the above tools I can fix most problems in no time flat. So if you read this, thanks Mark, your tools kick ass.

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