There is no demand for terrorism

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by TheCarp (96830) * <(sjc) (at) (> on Wednesday August 06 2008, @12:43PM (#24498867)

Agreed. I have even posted on the TSA blog occasionally in the comments about this: We absolutely need to consider that in the economics of airplane safety, it is not the decrease in supply of soft targets that has been thwarting terrorism, its actually the utter lack of demand for blowing up planes, airport terminals, etc.

There just are not that many people out there with the real desire (you know, as in enough motivation to build bombs and do test runs, not just say “hey what if we….”) and real ability to pull it off. In fact, when you look at the number of deaths “pre-post 9/11” (so including all of the deaths on 9/11), the chances of death in a terrorist attack on an airplane, even when reduced to just the risk to fairly frequent air travellers, is so small, that you couldn’t justify a single cent of the new “security” spending on it.

Which is why they never talk of the real risk, only the “worst case scenarios” which are so astronomically unlikely, that I would bet dollars to donuts that the money would be better spent, and help more people, if it were spent on preventing deaths from heart attack on flights.

The type of attack used on 9/11 is not the move of a power, its the move of the weak. Its a move of desperation by a small group looking to make big headlines the only way they can. It was in their power to plan 1 of these attacks and execute it.

The simple fact is, on 9/11 an ant happened to find himself in the right place and gave us a bite on the face. Maybe its just me, but I think forgetting about your day job to go around trying to eradicate the world of ants is an overreaction.

In the words of coaches all over the world, your not the first person to take a hit, go take a lap and stop whining about it.

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